Systems Integration


Over the lifecycle of an airframe it is necessary to update and add systems to meet customers’ and warfighters’ growing requirements.  Innoviator specializes in a 360-degree approach to systems integration providing expertise in structural, electrical, and mechanical methods.   We bring an understanding of how system modifications affect the entire air vehicle, as well as your organization’s processes and capabilities.  From capturing requirements, to detailed design and analysis, to certification, to obsolescence planning, Innoviator can bring thoughtful and practical solutions to your organization’s projects.


Innoviator has documented processes to manage the most complicated of certification projects.  We can take your STC from a concept to a Project Specific Certification Plan, and execute on time and on budget.  Through long-term partnerships with specialists in the engineering disciplines not covered by our direct staff we can handle projects requiring bird strike test, CFD, flutter/vibe, icing, decompression, and more.


21st Century Technology for Legacy Airframes