Mitigating Bird Strike Certification Risk

Increasing prevalence of K-band antenna installations, coupled with more rigorous application of FAA standards can cause problems for your STCs.  As explained on APEX Editor’s blog (, the FAA is mandating bird strike test for any STC that includes broadband connectivity.  Innoviator has delegation to show compliance for your STC to 14 CFR 25.571(e).  Early involvement in your project can mitigate technical, cost, and schedule risks through the following means:


1.   Design for success:  we have a proven track record of successful design to 25.571(e) requirements, as well as data-driven design loads.


2.  Streamlining the test article construction


3.  Managing/selecting the right test facility for your project


4.  Test plan construction and approval, test witnessing, and results documentation in FAA standard formats


Give us a call today to plan succesful compliance with 14 CFR 25.571(e) into your STC plan