Innoviator Leverages New Technology

Aviation has embraced action cameras such as the GoPro since their introduction. Action cameras have found their way into cockpits and onto wings for flight recording and post-flight footage review. Innoviator has taken action cameras to the next level. When the first installation of SAAB’s Civil Aircraft Missile Protection System on a BBJ required CFD validation and recorded footage. The traditional solution of flying a chase plane, presented higher costs and did not mitigate data acquisition risks.

Innoviator’s creative thinking led to the action camera market which recently added functions such as WIFI transmission for remote monitoring and GPS for collecting flight parameters such as velocity, altitude, and flight path. Thorough research and testing coupled with Innoviator’s rapid prototyping capabilities, led to a low cost alternative to a chase plane. Innoviator’s camera system has a life of up to 7 hours, records high-speed footage, and provides real time monitoring during flight – all at 400 mph.

Flight Test Photo JPEG