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Innoviator has over 8 years of experience in working with DoD Agencies to obtain Airworthiness Release for Military Derivative Commercial Aircraft (MDCA). We understand the civil certification basis, the DoD’s requirements, and the CONOPS for the system. Our team acts as a liaison between the FAA and the Military Airworthiness Release Authority–whether it be AFRL, AED, NavAir, or another authority. Innoviator involvement can range from review and approval of structural analysis to certification definition, planning, and program management.
The application of 14 CFR requirements to military operations requires a highly nuanced understanding of the original certification basis, as well as precedence set from previous FAA and DoD programs. Experience and relationships from previous programs can greatly reduce risk to a program and save valuable schedule. It is also imperative that DERs involved with an MDCA program understand the systems being integrated; Innoviator has experience integrating the following types of systems:

  • Aircraft Survivability Enhancement
  • BLOS Communications Systems
  • Synthetic Aperture Radars
  • UHF/VHF Antenna arrays
  • Tagging, Tracking, Logging Systems
  • UAV Engine Test Pods
  • Passive RF Imagery (Antenna Arrays)

Innoviator has worked on platforms of all sizes, from a Cessna 337 up to a 737-800. We have helped certify dozens of systems on King Airs and DHC-8s.


Innoviator has a┬áITAR-compliant servers for storage of all intellectual property. Each customer’s data is stored in accordance with their specific IP protection requirements in partitioned storage.




Innoviator Defense