Engineering Services


Innoviator Flight Science provides engineering support in the following areas.  We work with the world’s leading completion centers, integrators, operators, and aircraft manufacturers and can bring decisive engineering talent to your project with minimal drag on your organization.


Structural Analysis:  From classical hand analysis to complex computer simulation, analysis is Innoviator’s core business and it informs everything we do.


Avionics and Electrical Engineering: Avionics programs often result in convoluted solutions which are difficult to design and even more painful to install.  Innoviator helps customers define a clear path towards a solution which satisfies the needs of the customer while keeping the production needs of the system in mind.  In addition to design and production, we also help you deliver tailored inspection reports and necessary certification documentation including ELA, EWIS, and ground/flight test reports.


Damage Tolerance Analysis:  Innoviator is an industry leader in damage tolerance analysis.  We can handle constant or variable amplitude structures on nearly any airborne system.  Innoviator understands the expense levied on customers by unnecessary ICA changes, and we make every effort to help customers proactively design repairs and modifications that do not require ICA changes for inspectability.


Repair Design, Substantiation, and Certification:  We design hundreds of repairs a year to all types of aircraft structures.  Innoviator is comfortable using equivalent-strength methodology when OEM loads are not available, and we’re also well-versed in the use of NASTRAN loads models to design optimal repairs when available.Engineering Services

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