CRJ, In-Seat Power STC

Innoviator Flight Science has obtained another STC for In-Seat Power System (ISPS) across the CRJ product line. Innoviator was called upon by a major airline needing help, when the airline was informed the initial ISPS integrator was unable to deliver. With the prototype aircraft on the ground, Innoviator worked hand-in-hand with mechanics on the floor to develop a design data package and tooling resulting in a 10 day ISPS installation. The prototype aircraft returned to service with ISPS provisions. Innoviator leveraged the provisional data which resulted in a timely STC project letter; the Innoviator STC data package, parts and PMA kitting were approved within five months. Innoviator is nearing delivery of 50% aircraft completion, and PMA kits are available for all CRJ’s worldwide.