Completed Projects


Missionized Aircraft
B737-800 Republic of Indonesia  – Missile Protection System
Cessna 208 Wescam MX-15 Airborne Observation
Cessna 525 Smoke Generator
DHC-8 300 FLIR Installation
DHC-8 300 KU Radome
DHC-8 300 Ground Plane
DHC-8 300 KA Radome
DHC-8 300 KU Radome
DHC-8 400 Frequency Converter
DHC-8 200 Mission System Modifications
King Air 90 Lower Fuselage Camera System
King Air 90 FLIR Installation
King Air 100 Ground Plane
King Air 350 Air Data Probe
King Air Mission System Modifications
All Aircraft Modular Equipment Rack System
Avionics Modifications
BD-700-1A10 SATCOM Antenna
BD-700-1A10 Static Inverter Mod.
Cessna 560 XM Weather and Broadband
CL600-2B16 XM Weather and Broadband
CL600-2B16 Cabin Entertainment & Electrical Modifications
CL600-2B16 Dual Iridium
CL600-2B19 GPS Antenna
CRJ 200 ATG 5000 WiFi system integration
B737-800 FANS 1/A +
DHC-8 400 CVR Upgrade
DHC-8-300 Iridium Antenna
EMB-505 ATG5000 WiFi system integration
F50EX Static Inverter Mod.
Structural & System Modifications
B737-800 Ku-Ka band Radome
B737-800 Cargo Door Handle (PMA)
CRJ 100/200 Forward Recirculating Serviceable Lavatory
Hawker 4000 Wing / Body Fillet
Interior Modifications
A320 G1 Galley
A320 G2 Galley
A320 50” Retractable TV Monitor
A320 VIP Interior
A340 VIP Interior
B737-800 G4B Galley
B737-800 G4 Galley Refrigeration Structural Mod.
B737-800 VIP Interior
B747-800 Upper and Lower Galley Complex
CL600-2B16 Galley Microwave
CL600-2B16 VIP Interior
CL600-2B19 VIP Interior
CRJ Series EmPower In-Seat AC Power System
EMB 190 VIP Interior


ATG500 Modal


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