Innoviator Certification

Innoviator is fortunate to employ aviation’s best DER (Designated Engineering Representatives) and DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representatives) professionals.  We streamline every STC project by embedding a Project Engineering Manager dedicated to navigating through challenges and leading the collective STC project team toward achieving the goal. Our stable of project engineering management and certification resources covers a wide spectrum of services:

  • Project Management
    • Overall STC Project Management
      • Master Schedule Management
      • Earned Value Management
      • Project Roadmaps / Drawing Trees
      • Risk Management
    • Supplier Selection & Management
    • Project Specific Operating Procedures (e.g. AC No: 21-48,
      Electronic Modeling Systems as Primary Design Data)
    • Systems Engineering & Requirements Generation
  • Certification Management
    • Certification Documentation Development
      • STC Application and FAA coordination
      • Certification Plans, Compliance Plans, Conformity Plans & Checklist
    • Designated Engineering Representatives
      • Management DER
      • Electrical & Avionic System Approvals
      • Mechanical Systems Approvals
      • Interior Compliance Approvals
      • Flammability Approvals
      • Loads Approvals (CFD, Decompression, Icing)
      • Structures Approvals including DTA, CFD, FEA, Testing
      • Flight Test Analysis
      • Flight Tests
      • Flight Manual Supplement Approvals
      • Request for Conformity Inspections
  • Designated Airworthiness RepresentativesPost Delivery –
    Aircraft Document Development (AFMS, AMM, ICA, IPC etc.)
    • Conformity Inspections
    • Airworthiness Certificates (DAR)
    • Export Airworthiness Approvals (DAR)


Leading a certification effort requires broad understanding of many engineering disciplines, as well as the applicable code of civil aviation regulations for the project.  The certification team must listen closely to all team members and communicate effectively with the Civil Aviation Authority when necessary. This process requires humility, patience, and broad basis of understanding.  Innoviator has successfully led the certification of projects—from simple antenna installations, to the highly complex—and we can add this capability to your next project.



Innoviator specializes in helping clients obtain U.S. (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for major design changes on aircraft.



Innoviator is committed to providing the industry’s best level of service no matter the complexity of the aircraft type certification solution.


Our Certification Future

Innoviator is pleased to offer our services as an FAA Partner. Our goal is to achieve an STC Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) within three years. The ODA delegation offers some additional autonomy over conventional certification methods. The goal of the ODA is to make certification timelines more predictable.


ODA does not fit all projects. Many modifications are processed best using conventional certification protocols.  Innoviator continues to maintain our Partnership for Safety Program (PSP) with the FAA. The PSP allows us to work these conventional projects using management DER’s and the many individual designees still authorized by the FAA. Under PSP, we are able to provide service that parallels the ODA certification timelines very closely.



We have assisted many clients around the globe, attained EASA and other CAA supplemental type approvals for their modification programs.  Our aviation community is global, and we recognize the subtle nuances and protocols of our world and it’s cultures.

360-degree, conscientious approach to certification.