CRJ, In-Seat Power STC

Innoviator Flight Science has obtained another STC for In-Seat Power System (ISPS) across the CRJ product line. Innoviator was called upon by a major airline needing help, when the airline was informed the initial ISPS integrator was unable to deliver. With the prototype aircraft on the ground, Innoviator worked hand-in-hand with mechanics on the floor to develop a design data package and tooling resulting in a 10 day ISPS installation. The prototype aircraft returned to service with ISPS provisions. Innoviator leveraged the provisional data which resulted in a timely STC project letter; the Innoviator STC data package, parts and PMA kitting were approved within five months. Innoviator is nearing delivery of 50% aircraft completion, and PMA kits are available for all CRJ’s worldwide.

Civilian Aircraft Missile Protection System for a Boeing 737-800

An automated defensive solution against MANPAD attacks is now available. Now, safer flights at a reasonable modification cost are possible. Innoviator – Flight Science has completed the first integration of a Civil Aircraft Missile Protection System (CAMPS) for a Boeing 737-800. Over 3000, B737-800s flying today, can be modified* with minimal downtime.


Innoviator Leverages New Technology

Aviation has embraced action cameras such as the GoPro since their introduction. Action cameras have found their way into cockpits and onto wings for flight recording and post-flight footage review. Innoviator has taken action cameras to the next level. When the first installation of SAAB’s Civil Aircraft Missile Protection System on a BBJ required CFD validation and recorded footage. The traditional solution of flying a chase plane, presented higher costs and did not mitigate data acquisition risks.

Innoviator’s creative thinking led to the action camera market which recently added functions such as WIFI transmission for remote monitoring and GPS for collecting flight parameters such as velocity, altitude, and flight path. Thorough research and testing coupled with Innoviator’s rapid prototyping capabilities, led to a low cost alternative to a chase plane. Innoviator’s camera system has a life of up to 7 hours, records high-speed footage, and provides real time monitoring during flight – all at 400 mph.

Flight Test Photo JPEG

Civil Aircraft Missile Protection System (CAMPS) Rigging Complete on BBJ2

Over the weekend, a team of Innoviator Engineers and PATS Aircraft Systems Employees finished rigging  the missile warning sensors on the first BBJ-installed CAMPS system.  CAMPS is a Saab-produced system that was built from the ground up for Civil Aviation applications.


CAMPS (like most Missile Warning Systems) calls for a very tight aiming tolerance on the sensor azimuth and elevation.  Validating the pointing accuracy is a tricky job that required custom tooling and precise surveying of the aircraft.  We’re happy to report that we’re well within spec and one step closer to delivery of this unique system.  Flight test begins early 2014…

Mitigating Bird Strike Certification Risk

Increasing prevalence of K-band antenna installations, coupled with more rigorous application of FAA standards can cause problems for your STCs.  As explained on APEX Editor’s blog (, the FAA is mandating bird strike test for any STC that includes broadband connectivity.  Innoviator has delegation to show compliance for your STC to 14 CFR 25.571(e).  Early involvement in your project can mitigate technical, cost, and schedule risks through the following means:


1.   Design for success:  we have a proven track record of successful design to 25.571(e) requirements, as well as data-driven design loads.


2.  Streamlining the test article construction


3.  Managing/selecting the right test facility for your project


4.  Test plan construction and approval, test witnessing, and results documentation in FAA standard formats


Give us a call today to plan succesful compliance with 14 CFR 25.571(e) into your STC plan


CAMPS (Civil Aircraft Missile Protection System) — Successful Bird Strike Test


Innoviator is pleased to announce the successful completion of our 25.571(e)1 bird strike test Thursday night.  The test was conducted in San Antonio at Southwest Research Institute (


Post shot analysis complied with all FAR requirements, and we’re one step closer to installing this unique defense system on its first aircraft of the Boeing Business Jet family.


See the high speed camera footage at the YouTube link below:

High Speed Camera Footage

For more information on this system, please visit Saab’s website.

Innoviator Will Be at NBAA 2013

Innoviator is pleased to announce our expanded Aircraft Engineering and Certification capability at the 2013 NBAA convention.


Innoviator is proud to say we are a different kind of an organization.  We genuinely care about being responsive and intrepid when challenges dictate. Our industry Peers and Customers who always return, often call us “The Hands-On Engineers”.


Since 2007, Innoviator has taken a 360 degree approach to projects.



That means our customers have access to the industry’s best talent in every category – FAA DAR’s, DER’s, degreed designers/analysts/FE modelers/quality & NDT/test engineers, skilled machinists, licensed A & P’s & Test pilots.


Our turn-key program management model fully encompasses the life cycle of any project. We execute our model by embedding strong leadership, who are dedicated and expected to provide deliverables, make cost benefit decisions & provide Earned Value / Schedule updates through the course of a project.  We consistently complete turn-key aircraft engineering & certification projects on time & on budget.


Please contact us if you find we can help!